Christmas at Eastland (1)

Christmas at Eastland

QIC Global Real Estate team approached Your Studio to conceptualise and install Christmas within their flagship retail destination Eastland, in Melbourne, Australia. QIC are a forward-thinking creative business who wanted to push the boundaries from the typical Christmas display - no fake snow, and no felt robins! What has been created at Eastland embodies the emotion of Christmas and reflects the energy of the local area and people. 

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There are three areas where Christmas has been activated by Your Studio; the external space, the internal snow storm and the Christmas glade. The nine metre Christmas Tree is made with crystal glass and houses a real Christmas inside. At dusk, the light show begins to make the crystal tree glow and sparkle creating a magnificent effect just outside the main entrance to the shopping centre, in the main square in Melbourne. Christmas is re-imagined through the magical, mysterious and multi-faceted perspective of crystal. 

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The 'Snow Storm' area is a formation of iridescent icebergs which reflects light and uses sound to give shoppers the feeling of being caught up in a multi-sensory snow storm. The icebergs reach over 4 metres high and you can walk in and around them so shoppers feel totally immersed in a climate so different from their daily lives. There is also a gif photo booth where customers can make personalised gifs which can be shared instantly on social media. 

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The Christmas glade is along an busy walkway featuring fairy tail mushrooms amongst a leafy forrest and green landscape. Among the trees is a modern workshop where children can make a visit to Father Christmas. QIC take visitors on an enchanting journey of discovery, through a lush and magical forest with woodland creatures, greenery and fir trees. 

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Thinking from a 'Summer Christmas' perspective, we used the summer daylight to create mesmerising and magical Christmas landscapes, equally appealing to adults and children. Features from our Crystal Tree to our giant indoor mushrooms were created to evoke and inspire Christmas wonderment.