Christmas Moments 2016

Christmas Moments 2016

The holiday season is just around the corner and Christmas installations are popping up everywhere. This is an overview of our favourite festive installations - creating memorable, immersive and experiential Christmas moments. 


Human Nature installation at The Shard


Human nature, in the Aqua Shard's atrium is an installation of thousands delicate woodland leaves, 3D printed using recycled plastic. After Christmas the installation will be deconstructed into thousands of individual leaves, each being sold in support of Fauna & Flora international. 


2016 Christmas Trees


Tate Britain tree (#1) an upside-down tree suspended from the Tate Britain ceiling, focussing on the pine tree's natural qualities such as structure, colour, scent and shape. 

Kings Cross tree (#2), 'Fighting fire with ice-cream' is a giant Christmas tree in a seven-metre cube of ice. 

Claridge's tree (#3) created a room-size interpretation of a Christmas tree. The hotel entrance has been lined with light boxed that glow with black and white photographs of snow-covered birch trees. Real silver birch trees are places in front of the backdrop to make the experience come to life.


Window Wonderland by Google


Window Wonderland is a 360 degrees experience bringing the New York's most iconic window displays to a global audience using VR. Google joined forces with 18 brands to digitally transport customers to the retailers' store fronts.


Come Together by Wes Anderson for H&M


H&M collaborated with Wes Anderson to create their Christmas campaign. Set on Christmas day, it features a train that gets delayed by snow, following conductor Ralph as he prepares a festive surprise for the travellers. 

See the video here.


'The Nutcracker' by Liberty 


Liberty dedicated their Christmas windows to the Nutcracker. In collaboration with the Royal Ballet each window is inspired by a different moment of the Christmas ballet. 


Barneys #LovePeaceJoyProject


This years Barneys windows are dedicated to three guiding values: Love, Peace and Joy, and are created in collaboration with artists like Nick Gave, collective Studio Job and Matt Stone of Comedy Central's South Park, all bringing to life their interpretation of one of the three perennial values. 


Iceberg installation at the National building museum in Washington DC


Over a 30 'icebergs' were installation in the National Building Museum, evoking a glacial landscape with giant shard-like forms. 


Selfridges 'Shine On' windows


Selfridges Christmas windows 2016 are all about Santa getting up to all sorts of magical mischief within the windows in the theme 'Shine on!' The windows feature a glittery red Santa in various alpine landscapes, every scene showing a different party scenario with poodles, polar bears and over 100 disco balls. 


Have a wonderful holiday season!