Clerkenwell Design Week 2018: Highlights

Clerkenwell Design Week 2018: Highlights

L Next Generation Pavilion Concept1

Scale Rule, Next Generation Pavilion

From 22 - 24 May Clerkenwell transformed itself into a festival of design, hosting talks, installations, exhibitions and product launches. YourStudio was there to see the highlights; inspiring installations, creative talks and innovative products.


Nova Interiors CDW Installation 2

Royal Approval

A kinetic installation by Amari Interiors, Applelec and Timberfusion.

In homage to the royal wedding and Elizabethan fashion, this foldable aluminium sculpture, based on origami architecture, resembles an enormous 'ruff' and invites people to wear the installation by standing inside the sculpture.

IMG 20180524 103653

Behind closed doors by Hakwood

A pop-up street scene, build out of tall houses. The installation includes small doors revealing a series of miniature interiors by various architects, demonstrating that any interior is an open door for creative inspiration. The hidden rooms invite you to interact and discover.


Mooxpatternity Pattern Reflections 2 810X540

Patternity x Moo postcard set

"Collaboration allows us to look at the world through a new lens and seek interconnectivity at every scale."
Patternity in conversation with Moo on The Power of Creative Collaboration

IMG 20180524 103202 Web

Project: Net Worth

A project exploring the endless possibilities of recycling, taking end-of- life products and fully diverting them from landfill to re-purpose and raise awareness. From deadly ocean water to new products, Claire Potter Design investigates how Ghost Net & Marine plastics can be turned and re-purposed into functional plastics.

IMG 20180524 114224

A piece of the Sky by Skyframe and Stephan Huerlemann

A thought-provoking installation allows visitors to step inside their repeated and refracted reflection whilst listening to the sound of the Earth, recorded by NASA, as well as to astronauts talking about their space experiences. 


5B03dc465552f67a269c38e1 Office Playgorund 3 Low

Office Playground by Barnaby Lewis

A furniture series exploring motion and communication. Each individual 'chair' has a moving element, which needs balance from its user. Together they aim to connect the users through shared experience whilst in conversation.