Coffee Culture: The New Fast Casual Landscape

Coffee Culture: The New Fast Casual Landscape

 Matcha Mylkbar

Our latest trends and insight report at YourStudio draws from customer and competitor research globally to give you a glimpse into new strategies to engage and immerse around food and coffee.

New customer behaviours and desires are set against global inspiration from the world's best dining and coffee offers.
Our snapshot below frames just three of the new emerging trends in the coffee and retail landscape we have identified:

ABC Coffee 1 770X512Alpha Beta Coffee, Tokyo


Convenience Connoisseurship

With quality and provenance creeping forward into our everyday, this huge shift is seeing fine dining philosophies flow into the high street grab-and-go market.
Today's customers have a higher degree of connoisseurship around food and coffee provenance with 'time spenders' questing environments that optimise their dwell, work, rest and connecting time.

B617e40cdc927eb6266f8e1316c2a795The Sensory Lab, Melbourne

"Coffee shops such as the Sensory Lab are driven by an increased interest in and awareness of the finer points of coffee tasting, dubbed by some 'the third wave'."

- Broadsheet

Coffee Supreme


Experiential Narratives

Brand identity is key and must follow through at every touchpoint of the customer journey - from the environment, packaging, to the experience and engagement. We are seeing storytelling go to new heights for an audience who relish the opportunity for fantasy and escape in an era of fake news.

Hbz Coffee Pietro Nolita 1496702771Pietro Nolita, New York

"The two-dimensional story trend is winding down, and a fully immersive, three-dimensional approach is taking flight. Consumer audiences are looking for real-life, relatable experiences now more than ever."

- Marketo

Bar Luce Wes Anderson 01Bar Luce, Milan


Immersive Nourishment

Theatrical food is on the rise with the ever-hungry social media generation itching to share their experiences and craving that ultimate food selfie.
According to research, 18-35 year olds spend 5 whole days a year browsing food images on Instagram, and 30 per cent would avoid a restaurant if their Instagram presence was weak.

CDB4A269 63D7 4BC1 B69E 2D072236DBADHash Speciality Coffee, Melbourne

"We know that now, more than ever before, people will eat with their eyes first, predominantly using their phones to search for and choose dishes and destinations that look the best on a plate."

- Hemsley & Hemsley

Milk Bar 3Milk Train, London



The gap between fine dining & food or coffee on-the-go is getting smaller, consumers are becoming increasingly more discerning over their choices. Grabbing a coffee or a bite to eat is now more of an event. Inspired environments, genuine experiences & Instagramable aesthetics hold the key to success in the new Fast Casual landscape.

Convenience Connoisseurship

Elevating your food and coffee experiences is more important than ever, from lifestyle inspired space through to quality ingredients & aesthetics, keep in mind that your customer is more knowledgable than before.

Experiential Narratives
Weave in new experieinces & storytelling throughout your offering as customer expectations are high. Stay honest to your brand, be authentic and watch the customers flock in.

Immersive Nourishment
With social media dictating many customers food & coffee choices, create instagrammable moments for them to share as word-of-mouth is a powerful tool in the digital age.



"Since coffee began, it has been central to many cultures' social comings-together, regardless of class or standing. It has become synonymous with generosity and sharing, and these are values we love."

- Coffee Supreme