Corners or Curves

Corners or Curves

At YourStudio, we're always looking for new approaches and angles to keep our work fresh, relevant and inspired. For our latest Monday Morning Inspiration presentation we explored 'Corners and Curves' in architecture, design and graphics. 

  Corner2Tate Modern 


"The point of departure of my reflections is the following: every corner in a house, every angle in a room, every inch of secluded space in which we like to hide, is a symbol of solitude for the imagination."

- The Poetics of Space by Gastos Bachelard


Starting with a curiosity for shapes and patterns, we decided to explore corners and curves and what physical and emotional impact these have on us. As some are more drawin towards corners and linear patters, and others more inspired by curves and organic shapes, we went around London to explore the shapes and patterns that shape our every day life. This blogpost is a personal exploration of what person you are... 

Are you a corner or a curve? 



A corner point or linear form can become a gravitational 'safe spot' for some people that embodies solitude and strength within design. The corner can create a visual enhancement of a space and a sound barrier that comforts you within your surroundings.  

 IMG 1454Southbank



Richard Serra at Broadgate, Liverpool street | National Theatre, Southbank | Barbican | Camley street natural park, Regent Canal




" For reasons hidden in the foundations of the brain's architecture, a curve, because it suggests well-being and harmony, touches a more profound part of the psyche than a parallelogram. This springs from our prehistoric relationship with the natural world."

- Paul Silvia, professor of psychology 


Curves appeal because of its natural and organic shapes. This goes way back in time, where instinct would draw us towards organic natural shape for comfort, and safety and an non-organic shapes would be identified as danger, unnatural and 'stay-away'.  Curves and its organic shapes still have the power to create an immediate emotional connection, used to evoke wellbeing and represent harmony. 


Curve1Guy's Hospital  

Curve2Kings Cross


Kings Cross | Bankside studios | Barbican Centre | Barbican Centre