Experience Generation

Experience Generation

Great experiences are memorable and valuable, they leave a lasting impression.


At our recent breakfast talk, we explored the what, why and how of the Experience Generation - outlining how to shape meaningful experiences which trigger engagement and build loyalty.


Shaping a consistent, strong emotional connection with customers is vital for brands to meet their needs and desires in the next generation of experience design.


1Customer1. Stranger Dinners 2. Rei Optoutside 3. Topshop summerschool

Experience over Transaction

Our focus as consumers has shifted from things to experiences. In the next five years, the mainstream consumer will expect more than product and one dimensional transactions from retailers.

"There is a shift as people move toward preference of experience to things." - Mastercard: The Omnishopper Project

Shared Values & Purpose

Our values and interests now define us. Savvy consumers seek brands whose purpose and values align with their own. Its time to demonstrate your purpose.

Learning & Progress

There is a new desire for personal growth and the opportunity to explore our talents and interests through non-traditional channels.


Purposeful & Meaningful

1GoodhotelGood Hotel

1BurberryBurberry Makers House

Create meaningful experiences that tap into our sense of discovery and beliefs, desire for genuine narratives and socially conscious values to make a memorable impression.


Empathy & Emotion

1Emotionempathy1. Tuve Hotel, Hong Kong 2. Moodmetric

Genuine human-centred experiences connect powerfully with our emotions using technology and materials.

"On a lifetime value basis, emotionally connected customers are more than twice as valuable as highly satisfied customers." - Harvard Business Review


Physical & Sensorial

1EsChanel x Es Devlin

1SiamSiam Discovery, Bangkok

New navigational journeys have been reconfigured by lifestyle and layered with sensorial narrative to create meaningful experiences.


Personal & Participatory


1AwxadidasAlexander Wang x Adidas

Personal journeys and interactions shape valuable and intelligent experiences. Tapping into customer values and interests creates genuine connections which go beyond transaction.


Meaningful experiences create lasting impressions


Shape your experience strategy...

Get in touch if you want to hear more about experience strategy to create groundbreaking concepts. Drop me an email at zara@weareyourstudio.com  or call the studio on +44 (0) 207 033 2809