Frieze Thaw

Stand out work from 
this year’s Frieze Art Fair

Art’s Magic

Spirit, energy and originality - this year’s Frieze has been all about it. Art’s expression always points the way towards worlds to come.


Ancient New Wave

Archaeology and mysticism are reoccurring fascinations. In apocalyptic and unsettled times, are we looking back to ancient civilisations to find answers?

Revolver Galeria, Lima, Buenos Aires

Donna Huanca, Installation Frieze, 2019

Guests are invited through dunes of white sand to see performance paintings accompanied by the fragrance of Palo Santo, a holy tree native to Huanca’s  Inca-Andean ancestry.

Oliver Laric, Reclining Pan, 2018

Reclining Pan, is recreated in hybridised modern production techniques after 3D scanning the original neo-classical sculpture.

Jefferson Hack, Curatore of Transformer: A Rebirth of Wonder at Store Studios X, 180 The Strand, London.

“Each artist in Transformer is a powerful mediator of their community and culture, using storytelling, poetics, and ritual to author new narratives and expand our field of vision.”

Arunandonchai channels Naga, the Snake God, as spirit guide to today’s disasters. Human activity against a backdrop of global warming.

Julia Panades, Sunday Art Fair, 2019

Panades creates pilgramages to today’s culture, creating fetishes that mix clothing, nature, ancient imagery and modern tokens of living.


New Expression

Daring and experimental, artists are continuing to push the boundaries of material possibilities. New vocabularies are moving from the 90s to the noughties, early digital worlds are the meccas for new physical spaces and artists are growing textures.

Haas Brothers, Accretions

It’s exciting for us to find a material application that has a mind of its own.


Dozie Kanu

An installation built on the aesthetic of the Apple screen paired with hands-on crafts.

“We wanted to avoid anything intimidating for people, steering away from things like VR, AI, any screen-based, phone-based technologies that might disassociate you from the communal intimacy of experiencing the work”


Digital Poetry

Mesmerising with the swing of a pendulum, UVA’s ‘Our Time’ installation. Kinetic structures swing in and out of phases, while light and sound is projected.

UVA - our time

Immerse yourself in a larger than life poetic installation where pendulums swing overhead with sound and light that constantly shifts. A dramatic spatial experience that is entertaining and profound at the same time.


Depth of Craft

Getting lost in the drawings, depth, quality and experimental side. 

Antonis Donef, Untitled 2019, Ink on paper and canvas

I am inspired by alchemy and anything that contains magic and imagination it is difficult nowadays to discover the Philosopher Stone, the elixir of life.

Bad Lemons, Kathleen Ryan, 2019


Graphic Dimension

When words move from surface to form.

Glen Ligon, Notes for a Poem on The Third World, 2018, Neon and black paint



Learnings from Frieze


Shared experiences not VR, create power and a feeling of shared community experience


We are increasingly looking to the spiritual and ancient wisdom to give us answers in these challenging times


The evocative mix of the digital with the human, tactile and sensory shows the most powerful way to ignite our human spirits