La Biennale di Venezia 2016

La Biennale di Venezia 2016

Venezia10Japanese Pavilion

Last week we visited the Architecture Biennale in Venice, this blogpost we will highlight our favourite installations and pavilions as well as explore the future role of architecture in four current themes. 


Architecture… as a mirror of cultural identity.


The Australian Pavilion  Creating meaningful experiences based around the importance of the public space.

'The swimming pool is a key public space in Australian culture, a place where everyone's equal and everyone's welcome.' - Amelia Holliday, Australian Institute of Architects 


The Australian pavilion showcases the importance of public space to the nation's cultural identity. The swimming pool is a vital public space in Australian culture, comparible with the European square. 


Architecture… to re-use, re-build and re-purpose

The Introductory Room (1) Changing the image of waste material into a positive message


The room is built with the 100 tons of waste material generated by the dismantling of the previous Biennale; 10.000 m2 plaster board and 14km metal studs. This experience tranforms the image of waste into a positive and impactful experience.


Architecture… to serve as a base for social change

Nordic Pavilion Questioning current mindsets to push future design



The central installation within the Nordic Pavilion, a pyramid, creates an amphitheatre for critical debate and reflection. Fundamental questions are asked; How has architecture developed? What does it take to be at the cutting edge, trying to conquer new fields? And most importantly, how can architecture occupy a legacy while still making progress?


Irish Pavilion Raising awareness for current issues

Lost in Memory: hosted by the Irish Pavilion, the exhibition examines the Alzheimer's Respite Centre and is raising awareness for the lack of architectural designs that cater for this growing demographic. The exhibition consists of a series of projectors that create a layer of architectural plans, drawn and re-drawn to visualise the Alzheimers' fragmented memories.




Architecture… bridging the borders between craft and digital

Swiss Pavilion Creating space where traditional and digital come together



A cloud-like installation designed to create 'a pure encounter with architecture'. The project by architect Christian Kerez showcases the potential of combining traditional architectural craft with digital technologies. 


Lightscapes Using forward thinking technologies to create natural 



A light installation in-between architecture and technical art. Visible rays of sunlight is a special phenomenon that can only be seen when the light is scattered by micro particles in the atmosphere, like dust or haze. The installation reproduces these light rays through the manipulation of the room's thermodynamic conditions. The result is a mesmerising, yet playful installation.