LDF16 Highlights

LDF16 Highlights



Yesterday we had a YourStudio crew and clients day exploring this year's London Design Festival. Thank you to everyone who joined us, it was great fun!

For those who couldn't make it, here are our favourite moments and inspiring highlights... 

 FoilFoil Installation by Benjamin Hubert in collaboration with Layer and Braun

We experienced the immersive calm of the V&A Foil installation by Benjamin Hubert for Braun.  The atmospheric and fluid motion of scattered light, moving across the tapestry gallery along with the soundtrack created a simple and effective installation.

"By far the most magical of these was Benjamin Hubert's mirror installation in the medieval tapestry room at the V&A. Being in the dark room with the glitchy soundtrack was a moment that made you feel totally swept away, as if you were in the depths of swirling waves in the ocean. This installation will be one I will definitely remember- deceptively simple and totally beautiful." Howard, YS


MinilivingMini Living Forests

This successful installation transports you to another place, calm and tranquil amid the bustle of Old street.

"A simple idea which is impactful by creating a lovely sense of calm through the planted spaces to encourage reflection, relaxation and creativity." Cassie, YS 


Smile2Smile Installation

The Smile installation by Alison Brooks at Chelsea College of Arts uses the magic of tulipwood to create a curved tunnel that rises of the ground - creating a playful and impressive, large-scale installation. 

"Smile gives you a great feeling and it really does make you smile, just a shame it doesn't rock!" Sarita, YS 

SmileSmile Installation

"I particularly enjoyed the little moments you could capture through the small oval apertures along the huge smile, it's lovely creating moments of intimacy within such a large open structure." Tom E, YS 


DandelightDandelight by Studio Drift, part of Electrocraft

Electrocraft by Tord Boontje brings together a group of emerging and established designers that master the craft of electronics. 

"The playful innovation within Electrocraft area resonated with me, especially the Dandelight by Studio Drift. It's a magical combination between technology and nature." Tom E, YS


 DJDesignjunction at Granary Square

"Great to see Granary Square so buzzy as a true design hub."  Tom P, YS