Lightness in form, space and nature

A cultural overview of current and upcoming happenings & must-sees, giving an insight in the YS weekly inspirations!


Japanese House: Architecture and life after 1945


Until 25 June at the Barbican Centre

The centre piece of the exhibition welcomes you inside the Moriyama House, the home of Yasuo Moriyama. The house has ten individual, fully furnished rooms within a maze-like garden creating an usual urban living landscape. Visitors are invited to wander around the individual rooms and explore the rabbit chairs, sliding libraries and 'outdoor cinema'. 


'Life can't be contained within a single lot. People's sense of living expands beyond it, effectively erasing all borders.' -   Ryue Nishizawa (SANAA), designer of the Japanese house.

The architecture is further more explored through topics such as lightness and sensorial, breaking down key features of the strong philosophy in Japanese  architecture. 



Forms in light - Cerith Wyn Evans

Until 20 August at Tate Britain

A major light installation made from almost 2 km of neon lighting, suspended from the ceiling and configured into straight lines, sweeping curves and spiralling forms. 

Tate Britain


The Iris by Rebecca Louise Law

Until 7 May at NOW Gallery

Rebecca Louise Law, known for her use of organic material, created an installation of 10.000 fresh irises 'floating' within the gallery space, bringing nature inside with visual impact.


'I like to capture and cherish small beautiful natural objects to create an artwork that can be observed without the pressure of time. Preserving, treasuring, celebrating and sharing the beauty of the Earth with the world is what drives me.'  Rebecca Louise Law