Looking Ahead of 2018

Looking Ahead of 2018

3 key YourStudio trend predictions that will define the upcoming year

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Molecure Pharmacy, Taiwan

Invisible Enablers

In 2018 our relationship with digital is shifting. Digital is becoming more invisible than ever before. We go from all-in devices to separating into digital components (sound, visual, touch) that are being used where most relevant and blurred into the background. Digital will merely be used as an enabler of the experience, where the physical presence will be bold and sensorial.

ImageSilvertown Quays, London - an non-transactional shopping mall launching in 2018

"Retail spaces reveal the polar ways in which brands reconcile ever-increasing digital technology with tangible in-store experiences."

Frame Magazine

Silvertown Crop

What does this mean for you?
> Make the most of digital technology invisibly.
> Create services and experiences that are deeply integrated in the physical world.
Experience over transaction - softer sell techniques are the way to go.


Taking a stance

No longer can brands sit back. Driven by rising customer expectations, they are forced to take a stance and tackle global issues of cultural and social concern.  Customers want to actively participate.
To truly make a difference and evoke change, brands need to create collaborative and participatory experiences that give voice to their customers and represent their community or movement truthfully.

Blog WYGOWM FeatureRei OptOut Black Friday Campaign 2017

"People should have values. Companies are nothing more than a collection of people. So, by extension, all companies should have values."

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple

Blog Tech Rei Outside Example

What does this mean for you?

> Stay
true and close to core brand values
> Identifying and understanding a broad range of global issues
> Give a voice to the people, to create truly engaging, honest narratives


Wellness philosophies

In 2018 wellbeing will go from an aspirational intention to a daily mindset, as health is becoming a serious customer concern.
Wellness is continuing to evolve beyond physical wellbeing and moving towards an emotional approach, offering purpose-led, more nuances sanctuaries of balance, calmness and creativity.

Mortimer House By Avroko Dezeen Hero 852X479Mortimer House, London

"As definitions of wellbeing
expand, more ideas are being positioned under the umbrella of wellness and wellbeing. This goes hand in hand with a more holistic view of health that wraps in body, mind and more."
Lucie Greene, worldwide director of the Innovation Group, JWT

What does this mean for you?

> Go beyond traditional boundaries of wellbeing and explore mind, body and soul.
> Put an emphasis on how a space makes a customer feel, physically and mentally, in addition to how the space looks.
> Think across all layers; mindful materials, enhanced lighting, biophilic nature-infused spaces to create fully nourishing environments.

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