Exploring the innovative and reinvented retail landscape, where online and offline are merging into 'one journey'.


Pull and push the best from both online and offline to create a 'one journey' across channel experience. Provide a customer experience - transcending any one medium, simply provide shoppers what they want, when they want.
The most potent new metrics are around how online and offline, two mutually beneficial systems, work together.


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Warby Parker

"There is no such thing as a typical customer journey anymore. The only true channel is the customer, rather than the old platform distinctions between online and offline."
Jill Rose, MD at Accenture



'Fluid' environments that are constantly evolving and changing according to the people and place. It allows spaces to have a continuous appeal, time after time.

Zhongshu Bookstore In Suzhou China Yellowtrace 34
Zhongshu Bookstore, Suzhou, China

"Consumers don't want to just listen to brand stories, but want to live the story."

Bain & Company report 2017


Key Learnings

- Offering immersive experiences that cannot be replicated online
- An adaptable ever-changing environment for an all-in experience


Super Service

Intelligent, intuitive and personal service on every channel, using customers data to improve their interactions with the brand, store and staff.

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Rent The Runway, New York

"Personalisation is using everything that you know about your customer, to drive a meaningful experience with that customer in each moment."

David Brussin, founder of Monetate


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Go In Store, Axel Arigato

Key Learnings

- Use (online) data and tools to create enriched and personalised in-store experiences
- Reinvent the human and emotional connection through new technologies


Holistic Philosophy

Creating emotional connection throughout all the brand layers, immersing the customer in brand stories and narratives.

Glossier Showroom 

"Brands need to consider stores as chapters of the brand narrative, to impress and reassure the customer simultaneously in the new role that physical stores should play in the era of new retail."
Bain & Company

Key Learnings

- Creating engaging narratives to gain emotional connection
- Providing radical and inspiring consistency at every touchpoint