Monday Morning Inspiration 15 - 21 August

A Spectral View

A cultural overview of current and upcoming happenings & must-sees, giving an insight in the YS weekly inspirations!


Our spectral view by Liz West at the Natural History Museum


Until 6 November

Liz West explores the relationship with color through the installation of a new light artwork. The exhibition asks viewers to question their own experience of, and engagement with, chroma and luminosity. A vivid landscape blending luminous color and radiant light, creates an atmospheric installation of illusion that challenges the visitors' visual perception of color. Visit the website here for more information. 


Conceptual art in Britain 1964 - 1979 at Tate Britain


Until 29 August at Tate Britain

An exhibition that explores works that changed the way we think about art today. 

The exhibition looks at the 1960s where artists took art beyond its traditional boundaries and suggest new ways to engage and challenge the function and social purpose of art. Visit the website for more information.


Pantone App

Pantone Studio App 4 800X450

The new studio app makes it easier to convert inspiration into Pantone, build and test palettes, share colours with clients, collaborators and social networks. Find more information here.