Shape, Pattern and Light

A cultural overview of current and upcoming happenings & must-sees, giving an insight in the YS weekly inspirations!


'Intervals' by Barbara Kasten at the Thomas Dane Gallery



Until 25 March

'Intervals' is Barbara Kasten's first UK solo show. She creates intriguing and dynamic photographs with an inspiring spatial interplay between line, shape, colour and shadow by using light sensitive materials such as glass, mirrors and metal. In 'Revolutions' (2017) she pushed the boundaries and created moving images, inspired by the drawings of Kazimir Malevich.

"It took many sessions to get it right. In the end, my assistant and I developed a coordinated technique for filming that become a sort of dance routine." 

For more information visit the website here. 


Patterns - Furniture - Painting  by Josef Frank at the Fashion and Textile Museum


Until 7 May

Josef Frank (1885-1967)  is an Austrian born designer known for his bold, patterned multicoloured flora and fauna. He started as an architect but working with Estrid Ericson on furniture, glassware, lighting and interior design, they redefined what is called Swedish Modern. The exhibition highlights Frank's vibrant fabric designs for Svenskt Tenn alongside a number of his previously unknown watercolours. 

For more information visit the website here. 



Sticks with dicks and slits by Tim Noble and Sue Webster at BlainSouthern


Until 25 March

The exhibition presents pairs of giant self-portraits by Tim Noble and Sue Webster. There are three couples in the show, three men, three women, each pair taking a different pose, standing, seating and squatting. These sculptures are twisted bronze and with their simplistic frames are an entirely new method used by the artists. 

For more information visit the website here.