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Tree of Codes



4 - 11 March

Tree of Codes is a new contemporary ballet created for Manchester International Festival. It is a multimedia collaboration by innovative sculpture-based artist Olafur Eliasson, Jamie XX and creative choreographer Wayne McGregor at the Sadler's Wells theatre. 

Tree of Codes takes inspiration from Jonathan Safran Foer and his book of the same name. 

'Jonathan Safran Foer's is an immersive sculptural work that brilliantly hovers between words and spaces, surfaces and layers, pasts and futures. Its post apocalyptic narrative and reinvention of the process of reading itself catapults your imagination into bracing liminal states. These blurred and disorientating worlds provide a powerful point of departure for our collaboration on stage - where constellations of light, shadows, bodies, objects and sound dance at the edges of darkness.' Wayne McGregor

For more information visit the website here. 


The Question Centre: Jack Killick / Gerard Taylor at StudioRCA


Until 12 March

The Question Centre is a nomadic platform of exhibitions drawing on generations bonds among artists. It present fresh works by a contemporary artist alongside a piece by a practitioner from a previous generation. In this edition it will be Jack Killick and Gerard Taylor. 

For more information visit the website here. 


Dancing with Dreams at Galleria Melissa



Until 15 May

Dancing with Dreams is an immersive installation  hosted by British artist Claire Barrow, known for her hand-painted and illustrated designs between fashion and art. The installation is about real life versus digital, showing five sculpted mannequins that serve as the 'screen' for projections. 

"The sculptures will never get the change to communicate, so the performers animate them, give them an identity. They all have their own story to tell, but they're quite abstract and it's all about making your own mind up about what they are.' - Claire Barrow

The space also features 13 shoes, featuring her signature illustrations. 

For more information visit the website here.