New in Retail

New in Retail

Explore our top 5 'New in Retail', looking at the boundaries between retail, art and exhibition and showcasing origin and process in inspiring settings.  


Gentle Monster, Shanghai



Korean eyewear brand gentle monster doesn't do regular retail. The flagship store is flaunting a bold interior design that's an intentional attack on your senses - obviously, in a good way. 

The store is a conjunction between commercial space and artwork, where each space and object takes on its own meaning and importance. The experience is inspired by an artisan's workshop. It features a number of rooms, each with a distinctly different design. The settings are either functional or merely experiential, but always feature uniquely designed fixtures and furnishings that sets it apart from other gentle monster stores.


Nude vs Naked, Amsterdam


The shoppable exhibition presents fashion, design and art from upcoming talents. Products become part of an installation, revolving around the theme of nudity and creating an innovative shopping experience.

"The idea behind Nude vs Naked is to reconnect to the countless designs we surround ourselves with in our daily lives. These objects are designed to 'serve' our needs and often feel alienated from our body in terms of shape, colour and texture. The selected works shown in Nude vs Naked convey a familiarity and seduce the visitor to explore."


Hermes pop-up at Nordstrom, Seattle


Nordstrom opened a pop-up Hermes boutique allowing customers to really interact with  their products. The centrepiece is a towering "silk room" made up of hundreds of strands of vibrantly coloured pieces of silk. It's a visual representation of what this first-of-its-kind shop is trying to accomplish - playfulness and a please-touch attitude.


Monk house, Melbourne



The building is embodied with beautiful original features. To counterbalance these, they kept forms of the design monolithic, minimal detail and bold. There is a burst of engaging colours, making the space more inviting and playful.


H&M conscious exhibition, Paris


H&M Conscious exhibition illustrates the story, concept and journey of the sustainable fabrics that inspired the clothing. The exhibition explores the origin of the fabrics. The artworks on display show what inspired the project.