Ones to Watch SFF17

Ones to watch SSF17

The top 5 highlights from this years Stockholm Furniture Fair. 

Last week was the Stockholm Furniture & Light fair, featuring 700 exhibitors, highlighting new perspectives on Scandinavian design. The show is a great platform for new and emerging designers. We selected our top 5 Ones to Watch - enjoy! 


1. Sulla Bocca Di Tutti 


Design Bar 2017 by Note design studio in collaboration with chef Isabella Morrone 

Inspired by the concept of 'sensory generosity' the space focusses on the interplay between textures, tactility and visual rhythms. Sulla bocca di tutti literally means 'on everyone's lips', the space is in between an exhibition and a restaurant with the goal to create a wonderful, inspirational and generous experience. 

'We wanted to create a space that immediately grabs you by the heart and stomach.' 

- Daniel Hecksher of Note design studio. 


2. Designed to Last 


by ArkDes 

The exhibition focusses on one of the biggest issues in contemporary design - sustainability. It explores what future design will mean to make objects for the long-term. 

The exhibition featured work from Fredrik Farg and Emma Blanche, Calle Forsberg, Petra Gipp, Emma Olbers, Folkform, Johan Carpner and others. 


3. Hayon DNA Gallery 


a pop-up pavilion by Jaime Hayon, guest of honour at this year's Stockholm Furniture Fair 

The gallery is a mini retrospective of Hayon's work. Hayon explores the building blocks of his work and show how the pieces are connected. 

"When you enter the space, you get a momentary sense of what's in my brain. I thought you had to be in a shell to feel a little bit of my vibe." 

- Jaime Hayon


4. "Extremely..." 


by danishdesignMAKERS 

The Extremely exhibition encourages young Danish designers to experiment and challenge the status quo, supported by the danishdesignMAKERS. This association aims to promote young Danish Designers and the Danish design culture, showcasing 23 products. 

Our favourites are the Volume chair by Jonas Edvard Studio (left) and Fluffy lamp by Stine Linnemann (right). 


5.  The Working Office 


by students from Beckmans College of Design 

A range of furniture encouraging social interaction in the workspace. The exhibition consists of individual products, each challenged the sedentary set-up of office environments and stimulate greater focus. 

"All media simplify the social encounter by reducing the number of senses that are activated. Physical encounters with humans activate all of our senses at the same time: vision, hearing, touch, taste and smell. It is this social aspect that needs to be the starting point for all office furnishings." 

- Andreas Nobel, senior lecturer at Beckmans.