The 2017 Travel Landscape - 2

The 2017 Travel Landscape 2

A new year has started and we had a look into trend and behaviours that will shape the travel and hospitality sector over the next 12 months. 


This blogpost explores new travel mindsets around adventure, sees how the wellbeing trend evolves within the travel sector, explores the convergence between work, travel and retail and highlights how new technology influences future design.

This blogpost looks into the last three trends in the 2017 Travel Landscape report - Immersive Retail, Empathic Intelligence and Caring & Conscious. 


Immersive Retail 


The retail showroom evolved into a curated 'living' travel or hospitality space where customers can fully test products. 

Travel and retail are converging with retail brands enriching the customers experience. collaborated with Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam to create branded waiting area's inspired by 'living rooms'. What is interesting about this is the showroom is no longer necessarily a store but could be along any other journey. 


Empathic Intelligence


People are rediscovering the value of genuine human-centred experiences, driven by personal and empathic services that recognise needs and emotions. 

To make digital technology more human-centred brands are experimenting with new ways of interaction. 

Aloft Hotel created voice activating features in their hotel rooms, light switches will respond to 'Good Night', temperature can be adjusted and it plays your favourite music if you ask. 


Caring & Conscious


2017 is the UN year of sustainable tourism for development

Travellers are increasingly social and environmental conscious about their travels, seeking low impact, sustainable solutions to create more positive experiences for themselves and other. 

Brands are actively making a difference. A great example of this is Good Hotel which is redefining hospitality with their non-profit model. They give opportunities to unemployed giving them a new chance through education, training and entrepreneurship. 


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