The 2017 Travel Landscape

The 2017 Travel Landscape 1

A new year has started and we had a look into trend and behaviours that will shape the travel and hospitality sector over the next 12 months. 


This blogpost explores new travel mindsets around adventure, sees how the wellbeing trend evolves within the travel sector, explores the convergence between work, travel and retail and highlights how new technology influences future design.

This blogpost looks into the first three trends in the 2017 Travel Landscape report - Adventure Collectors, Wandering Wellbeing and Business Essentials. 


Adventure Collectors


2017 will see travellers unleashing their inner explorer like never before.

Future explorers seek on-demand experiences that can never be replicated. They have a high value for enriching in local cultures and learning opportunities along the way.

Travel programs to appeal to the adventurous spirits with surprise travel programs - asking customer to give up control in favour of embarking into the unknown. 

Bookings agent Jubel taps into this need for surprising curation, creating travel adventures revealed only after booking. 


Wandering Wellbeing


Wandering wellness explores how health and wellbeing is taking over in travel and hospitality, reflecting the customers growing interest in healthy lifestyles for mind, body and soul.

Brands are creating nourishing experiences making customers feel healthier and happier at the end of the travel experience as seen with the Corinthia Hotel Brain packages.

The exclusive brain package help customers optimise their wellbeing through food, drink, relax and sleep by influencing the five senses. 


Business Essentials


Travel in business and leisure continue to blur as more people are embracing enriching sabbaticals and location-independent lifestyles. 

49% of business travellers have extended their business trip to further enjoy the destination, and 75% intent to do the same or more in this year. -

Travel and hospitality brands are responding to this trend with supporting and efficient services such as SAS Airlines that opened convenient co-working spaces for its Diamond members.

The SAS co-working spaces offer free wifi, concierge services and personal training sessions. 


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