Zero In

Zero In



The new year has started and its time for creative brands and businesses to re-focus intentions on shaping the future.

At our recent breakfast talk, we explored the five key principles to de-clutter your mind, structure your thinking and inform a successful business year.


2017 is all about re-framing and re-focussing.




The importance of focus in an age of distraction. A shift towards meaning and stripping away non-essentials.

People start to understand the impact of being always-on and constantly distracted has on our ability to focus. 

Securing attention is becoming harder than ever. Unlike other commodities, attention is fixed. People are looking to optimise, feel better, focus. Businesses are responding to this need to aid greater focus and clarity.


"The true scarce commodity of the future will be human attention."

- Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO




A key focus this year is finding clarity in creating a unique and distinctive customer experience. Creating clear propositions and constructing a unique experience. 

Retail formats will become ever more distinct: expect to see further divergence between fast convenient spaces that serve time pressured consumers and immersive formats that engage audiences' leisure time. 

A split between fast and slow, dual experiences sitting side by side that cater to the emerging split between 'let me explore' and 'get it for me'.



Informed and Intelligent spaces and experiences using data and AI. 

Retailers begin to invest in highly intelligent technology in order to create more personalised, measures and intuitive experiences. 

AI algorithms are helping consumers to find the perfect items that they didn't know about.



Places and spaces which bring focus and attention to the present moment through activity and performance. 

Bringing focus to the present moment through entertainment, activity, performance and creativity. Tech-assisted store concepts will fuel and display brands' media activity. 

At a time when consumers are spending more time and money on experiences than on material goods, brands are turning up the tempo by hiring experiential technologists to engage with their audience.


Set your intentions to help provide focus and clarity with insight, in order to successfully activate the customer experience.


Shape your experience strategy... 

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