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Nike Dream Arena

Celebrating Women's Football at the Nexus of Culture, Community and Co-creation

We partnered with the Nike Pacific team for the launch of Nike Dream Arena. Transforming the flagship George Street Sydney store into an engaging celebration of Women’s football culture. The activation aims to ignite the spirit of women’s football, offering a vibrant space celebrating Her* and her football journey at the intersection of people, product and community.

Digital living windows stream live content drawing consumers into the store experience. Walk through an immersive digital tunnel and feel the roar of the crowd as the lines separating reality and fantasy are blurred in the Kick Off Arena. Visitors are immediately immersed in the captivating world of football culture with a 2m diameter digital football streaming WC23 content at centre stage, whilst an ecstatic army of mannequins capturing the forms of frenzied fans adorn the surrounding bleacher seating. Circularity is elemental to the Dream Arena with fixtures and furniture made from recycled plastics enhancing the space. 

For style and self-expression seekers, the Free-Style Studio offers a 360-degree fitting football-style experience. A style runway showcases curated scan and shop, capsule collections, inspiring visitors to unleash their creativity and explore their style boundaries. Visitors are invited to experiment with their look both on and off the pitch, through AR and physical try ons, downloadable to replay or to share. Digital mannequins provide curated styling inspiration, whilst content creation invites visitors to become content mavens through the use of AR filters and digital backdrops. 

The All-Access basement with 360 digital displays is dedicated to innovation and imagination, empowering visitors to reimagine the future of football kits and boots. Programmed events including product launches, grassroots team meet and greets, and Nike By You co-creation labs invite Her* to immerse herself in football dreams.

Nike Dream Arena is poised to redefine women’s football retail for a new legion of devoted fans. Nike Dream Arena captivates the imagination with multi-sensory immersion in both the digital and physical realms. By capturing the excitement of the Women's Football, Nike Dream Arena showcases the limitless possibilities of football for Her*, both on and off the pitch.