Pitt Street Mall, Sydney

Pandora Heartbeat Hub

Messages of love


Can you feel my heartbeat?

Pandora wanted to launch their new global identity, hero'ing their monogram and new colourways in an emotive and immersive way. We sought to create an experiential activation that brought Pandora's new brand purpose to life by giving a voice to people's loves. We started by creating an environment where each visitor's journey would be made unique, guided by their heartbeat.

Our approach

The translation of love

Our 'Heartbeat Hub' combined Pandora's latest collection with an aspirational environment. We built anticipation along the customer journey, the architecture guiding you intuitively, drawing you towards the heart of the experience.

360 degrees of love

The outcome

The re-telling of a brand

Once inside, a series of projections are syncopated with each visitor's heart rate. Projecting colours, patterns and words associated with the customers’ loves marry with Pandora's display collections.

Over the four day experience, 5,760 people had their heartbeat read and saw a visual translation of their love.