London, UK

Veggie Pret

Refreshing take for vegetarian Pret


Creating brand distinction

How does an environment have brand recognition whilst standing out to showcase a new offer? Spearheading Pret's new veggie offer, we considered how every element of the experience could convey freshness, health and wellbeing with Pret's tone.

A calming space with effortless function

Our approach

Showcasing a brand that really listens to their customers

Co-collaboration was at the root of this initiative. As customer feedback had driven Pret's evolution of their veggie offer, their framed thoughts and feedback were proudly displayed along one wall. Our strategy rooted the brand expression in all things Pret whilst striking out to signal the new. Healthy materials, a new tone of communications in store and a clean, refined palette nourishes guests with calm, quality and reassurance.



Thriving success

This concept has been met with growing appetite. With the success of this site, Pret have opened four more Veggie Pret stores in the UK, three in London and one in Manchester.