London, UK

Razer Flagship

Game-changing retail


A third space for gamers

Driven by the mission to define the ‘What’s Next’ of gaming spaces, we created a revolutionary flagship environment for the world’s leading lifestyle gaming brand, Razer. Our next-gen concept connects the gaming community with an immersive high-end shopping experience. 

A gamified shopping experience


The future of gaming is here

An atmospheric destination transports customers into the world of Razer, connecting them with the wider gaming community and engaging them with products to enrich their lives. A greyscale and monolithic design highlighted with neon green light, heroes the brand’s DNA with the iconic 3 headed snake logo drawing customers to the staged area for hosted talks and launches.

The basement hosts an eSports Arena with intelligent lighting that responds to gamers’ competition actions, bringing drama and excitement for all. A Streaming Studio allows for live-streaming of games and creates the ultimate personalised gaming den for guests and viewers.



Gamer Heaven

Over 2,000 fans queued for the launch of the flagship store, with many getting the chance to partake in one-off tournaments and activities over the course of the day. Upon announcing the grand opening, Razer's Instagram received over 90k likes whilst the occasion itself was documented by world renowned Gaming Youtubers and Twitch streamers.

This next-gen concept has been designed as the pinnacle of Razer's global retail presence and will set the pace for future stores to come.