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Posted 31/12/11 by Your Studio

With 2012 coming up, we at YourStudio, for the last post of the year, decided to share with you the top 5 picks for the new year.

The major focus of 2012 is, of course, the Olympics Game in London! The Olympic Park Legacy Company is commissioning a design team to create the public landscape within the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Divided into the North and South park, two teams has recently been shortlisted as the winner.

The South Park links together 4 points of attraction: the 114m tall ArcelorMittal Orbit sculpture, the Aquatics Centre, the Olympic Stadium and the London 2012 Gardens. The flexible urban space will be used to host activities, events and attractions with free access to both local Londoners and tourists; as well as being an important point for visitors arriving at Stratford International and via the Westfield Stratford City shopping centre.

The winner appointed for the south park is the James Corner Field Operations team.

New Year 1

New Year 2

Whilst the North side would include the Hub and Playground. This side of the park would include flexible indoor spaces for visitors to gather for events and celebrations, with cafe for refreshments, a playground to draw the attention of children (to be located next to the housing development that is family-orientated), open space where the public can walk, cycle, enjoy the natural surroundings and have a nice time playing sports with their friends and family.

The team chosen for the North park is the erect architecture team.

New Year 3

New Year 4

Also for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, members of the public has been invited to design on the reverse of 50-pence coins to represent the 29 sports. The designers range from policeman to delivery driver to schoolgirl, which goes very well with how the coins are in circulation to be used by the genereal public. For the historical event, a range of beautiful coins has been produced by The Royal Mint’s Olympic Coin Programme, including the first ever coin in the UK that weights 1KG. The London 2012 Gold and Silver Kilo Coin are both designed by members of the Royal Academy in collboration with the Royal Mint (by Sir Anthony Caro and Tom Phillips respectively.)

New Year 5

New Year 6

New Year 12

Samsung Galaxy Skin to launch in 2012

Now smartphones has been taken to another whole new level with the flexible Samsung Galaxy Skin. The newly developed smartphone employed new materials, allowing the bendable screen to be 0.3mm thick, which can be rolled up into a wrist watch as well as endure being smashed by a hammer. Some reports has suggested that the Samsung Galaxy Skin will be released in the second quarter of 2012, so watch out for the advance of technology in the coming year!

New Year 7

New Year 8

New Year 9

TouchScreen Madness – a magazine is an iPad that doesn’t work
As technology becomes more and more advanced, its reach towards the younger generations is beyond anybody’s expectations. Now even young toddlers can think that a magazine is an iPad that doesn’t work, what is the future for the younger generations in the future?

Philip’s Bio-light
One of the concept lightings that Phillips developed recently: Bio Light. By feeding methane to bacteria to emit a soft green glow, a wall of glass cells filled with the living micro-organisms can potentially be the next light source in your house, involving the microbial community into our living environment in a more pleasant way... until someone breaks that glass.

New Year 10

New Year 11

We wish you a fantastic New Year in 2012 from YourStudio!

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